Hoover’s Beef Palace – Templeton, CA

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Our trip to the Central Coast was wrought with visits to awesome places with hilariously awesome names. After our dinner at Crazy Sushi Fever in Atascadero, we woke up the next morning ready to continue our Central Coast adventure. First, we needed some fuel to start our day, and where better to brunch than a place called Hoover’s Beef Palace? Seriously.

Hoover's Beef Palace

Hoover’s Beef Palace

Hoover’s Beef Palace, a quaint little greasy spoon just off the 101 freeway, is a down-to-earth, no-frills, country-style diner. A pit stop for many truckers and locals, it was the kind of place where I got some funny looks for taking pictures of my food. It was also the kind of place where about 1/4 of the menu was filled with “Meat & Eggs” plates. My kind of breakfast!

But first, coffee.

But first, coffee.

There’s nothing quite like diner coffee. Good ol’ basic black coffee, no fancy origins or special roasts, but most importantly, it didn’t have that gross acidic aftertaste. Sip on a cup o’ Joe while admiring the walls adorned with photos of county fair prized pigs, John Deere memorabilia, and portraits of cowboy hat wearing sheriffs (mayors? city officials? hard to say).

Martin's Tri-Tip Steak and Eggs

Martin’s Tri-Tip Steak & Eggs

Martin shared a fascinating tidbit with me recently. Did you know that tri-tip roasts were originally made popular by the Central Coast? Since we were in the ‘hood, Martin decided to pick the West Coast’s contribution to barbecue for his meat & eggs. The steak was a bit chewy for my taste, but temperature (rare) was perfect and the seasoning was spot on.

Alice's Rib Eye Steak & Eggs

Alice’s Rib Eye Steak & Eggs

I decided to go with the rib eye steak and eggs. Mine too was cooked perfectly rare and seasoned generously with a simple combination of garlic salt and black pepper. Just like Dad used to make! The farm fresh eggs were beautiful sunny side up with their golden runny yolks. The hash browns were crispy they way I like them. Just when I thought I couldn’t be happier….

Biscuits and Sausage Gravy

Biscuits and Sausage Gravy

… our side orders of biscuits & gravy arrived! We each got a half order that came alongside our meat & eggs plates, but it was a ton of food and we could have easily shared one. The white gravy had bits of sausage sprinkled throughout and the buttermilk biscuits hidden underneath soaked up all of that hearty goodness. I had a soft spot for Southern comfort food and these biscuits and gravy really hit the spot.

So if you’re visiting SLO County, be sure to swing by Hoover’s Beef Palace for a satisfying rancher’s breakfast before heading up to Paso Robles for wine tasting or nearby cities for fruit picking. Don’t be alarmed if people give us city folks funny looks for “checking in” on our phones or snapping a photo or two. The regulars seem to know exactly what they want and come here for the large portions and small town vibe.


Check out Hoover’s Beef Palace Restaurant:

401 N Main St
Templeton, CA 93465

See their Yelp reviews here!