Day Six – San Francisco: Chez Maman and Tropisueno

Food Adventures, San Francisco

After a brutal 19-hour Greyhound ride (never again), we arrived in San Francisco and the first thing we did was pass out in our hotel room. After all was said and snoozed, we made our way out to Chez Maman, actually walking past it to Chez Papa and getting extremely confused before doubling back to the tiny hole-in-the-wall that boasts the best burger in SF.

We lucked out to catch the odd time between lunch and dinner and didn’t have to wait at all to be seated. Service, however, seemed to scale down with the slowdown in customers. We had very high expectations for the aforementioned burger.

Voila! Basic Burger w/ Swiss and Bacon, Side of Frites w/ Garlic Aioli

We ordered it the burger with swiss and bacon, rare. The burger turned out medium, disappointing. Had it been cooked correctly, it could’ve rivaled a lot of LA burgers, as the patty itself was well seasoned. The frites were also delicious with plentiful amounts of garlic in the aioli, perhaps a tad too much.

Crepes being formed then – regrets being formed now at not ordering one.

Next time I would be inclined to try their crepes and the much-raved-about carbonara and other classic French dishes. We saw many batches of moules frites being prepared, one of Alice’s favorite dishes. Definitely will give this place another chance.


Check out Chez Maman:

1453 18th St
(between Missouri St & Connecticut St)
San Francisco, CA 94107

See their Yelp reviews here.


Still drained from our ridiculous Greyhound misadventure and not too long after Chez Maman, we decided to stay close to the hotel and check out Tropisueño. As a caveat, we rarely have Mexican food, especially for dinner, but we thought “sure why not?” – partly out of how tired we were and how conveniently located it was.

Throughout the long trip to the Pacific Northwest I’d been craving sugarcane Coke, commonly dubbed “Mexican Coke,” but hadn’t had the opportunity to grab one. If there were a restaurant to get these, a Mexican restaurant was definitely the place to try, and lo and behold!

To accompany our delicious unsubsidized drink, we had what is purportedly SF’s best chips and salsa. Very fresh, crispy, and homemade – definitely made the same day or even several hours ago.

The chips came with a ménage a salsa: traditional red salsa, green tomatillo salsa, and a spicy chipotle salsa.

Alice ordered the ceviche de pescado – diced opaque cubes of tilapia, finely diced cucumber and avocado, bits of onion and cilantro, and lots of lime juice.

I really could’ve gotten these in LA but for whatever reason I got the street-food-style pork tacos.

Slightly more expensive than the food truck variety but tastes a little better. We shared the Cuban-style platanos fritos with black beans and Mexican crema. We weren’t a fan of the black beans, but then again, we’re not a big fan of beans in general. But the crema was an interesting addition to the crispy-fried plantains.

We finished our dinner with the Mexican flan which was a lot thicker than we anticipated, almost like a cheesecake.

Tropisueño was definitely impressive considering that neither of us are huge fans of Mexican food. We’ll have to check out the Happy Hour deals — and bring 5 friends (they’ll comp the host’s drinks for the whole night if you do!).


Check out Tropisueño:

75 Yerba Buena Ln
San Francisco, CA 94103

See their Yelp reviews here.