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Before boy met girl, Martin and Alice each had their own experiences with food and cooking. Alice started her experimentation with food and fresh ingredients much earlier, taking every opportunity to sample new foods and bringing ideas back to her cozy college apartment. Unknowingly, just one floor up in the same building, Martin was eating cup o’ noodles ramen and mediocre delivery food every week thanks to his inexperience with food and general laziness. Martin eventually worked his way up and began learning to cook on his own, starting with the most basic online recipes. When the two met, they not only fell in love with each other but with the culinary world and had renewed inspiration for cooking. A year later, the two could be found cooking comfort dishes and gourmet delicacies that appeal to the hustle and bustle lifestyle of young professionals and college students. They launched Nom Nom Cat in August of 2011.

If you have any questions for either of us, please hop over to Contact Us. We’d love to hear from you!

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Okay, so we don’t have much of a FAQ going on yet, but the most common question we’ve heard is “Why Nom Nom Cat?” In case the internet meme and viral video have passed you by as well, check out this adorable video of a cat eating while making “nom” sounds (thus coining “nom” as synonymous for “to eat”).

Video aside, we just like this name and thought it would be appropriate considering our fondness for cats and our mutual interests in food and cooking.

NEW FEATURE: Ever wanted to print out our recipes in a clean, easy to follow format with just the click of a button (or two)? We definitely have. Now launching our printable recipes archive. Just click here or at the bottom of any recipe, scroll down to the bottom and click “Print Page.” Save to your computer as a PDF or send directly to your printer. Easy peasy!


When we first started this humble food blog, we never dreamed we’d be creating this section, but here it is! We do our best to share our dining and cooking experiences, and we’ve been linked back or otherwise given “press”-like mentions on the following:

Greatist blog: Health and Fitness in Relationships (Alice & Martin interview)

The Galley in Morro Bay, CA: Media Reviews


Cowboy Star in San Diego, CA: News & Press

4 thoughts on “About Us

  1. i would like say hanks to Martin and alice for sharing their Food and Cooking related experience.
    while reading your blog i really find some tips for cooking.

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