Witches’ Hats Cookies – Halloween 2013

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It’s finally here – All Hallows’ Eve! One of my favorite holidays of the year! I hope you’ve got your pumpkins carved, costumes donned, candy stocked, and witches’ hats ready. Oh, you don’t have a witch’s hat? Have no fear! These easy-to-assemble snacks are here to save the day!

Witch's Hat Cookie

Witch’s Hat Cookie

Every holiday, I love to browse the recipes on AllRecipes.com for seasonal ideas that had a fun and festive flair to the party table. I always see all sorts of creative ideas in varying from complicated made-from-scratch confections to boxed cake mix tweaks and skill levels ranging from kid-friendly to formal culinary education recommended. But these witches’ hats are incredibly easy and I thought they are oh so clever! Plus I welcome any excuse to buy a package of Fudge Stripes cookies — the lunchbox holy grail of my childhood.



1 package Fudge Stripes cookies (approximately 24 cookies per package)

24 Hershey’s Kisses (or the same number as cookies)

Orange icing — I used a bottle of Wilton’s Cookie Icing, but you can buy cake decorating gel or whip up some homemade royal icing

(Adapted from this AllRecipes.com recipe)

Line the cookies up, striped side down

Line the cookies up, striped side down

Step 1: Arrange your cookies on a tray or baking sheet striped side down. I put mine in a 9×13 Pyrex dish which came with a lid (the height is perfect to keep the hats intact).

Pipe the frosting onto a Kiss

Pipe the frosting onto a Kiss

Step 2: if needed, transfer the icing to piping bag with a small round decorating tip (I used a No. 2 round). Pipe around the edges of the bottom of a Kiss.

Affix the Kiss to the Cookie

Affix the Kiss to the Cookie

Step 3: Affix the Kiss to the Cookie. The icing will harden and act as an adhesive. If some peeks out on the edges, don’t worry — we’ll decorate over this later.

Step 4: Decorate the Hat

Step 4: Decorate the Hat

Step 4: Pipe around the base of the Kiss to create a “belt” or “ribbon” on the hat. Get creative. I added little “buckles” as well, though I think they ended up looking a bit pilgrim-like.

Let the icing harden. Royal icing (and cookie icing) will take about an hour. Plate up for the party and amaze your guests with the simplicity and innovative vision of assembling these store-bought goodies.

Optional: serve alongside another easy hocus-y pocus-y accessory. Flip a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups Miniature upside-down. Stab a pretzel stick down the center and voila — broomstick! (Thanks, Irene!)

Wishing you all a safe and happy Halloween!

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2 thoughts on “Witches’ Hats Cookies – Halloween 2013

  1. These are a brilliant idea :D
    I bet they taste as good as they look!
    I am sorry I haven’t been commenting recently, once my exams finish, everything should revert back to normal :)


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