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Greetings! We’re the proud hosts of this month’s Our Growing Edge, first created at the beginning of this year by our friend at Bunny Eats Design.

What is Our Growing Edge? It is the reminder that we never stop learning and that there are always opportunities to try something new. It’s crossing items off a food-related bucket list. It’s all of those things you’ve always wanted to cook or bake or eat or buy or grow or make. Homemade crackers? Fresh pasta? Bone marrow? Growing an avocado plant from its pit? Picking apples in a local orchard? Perhaps even… a souffle?

The beauty of the monthly blogging event is knowing that bloggers worldwide are inspiring themselves and each other to step out of their comfort zones. It’s about overcoming the fear of the unknown and taking that leap (in and around the kitchen, that is).

The rules are simple and are described here by Tofu the Bunny… ahem… I mean, Genie. As long as your challenge is food-related and your post includes the Our Growing Edge logo along with the phrase “This month is hosted by Alice & Martin at Nom Nom Cat” (with some link love to our homepage), anyone and everyone is welcome to share their experiences. Just click below to join the link party, and stay tuned for our recap in early November.

I love October – the autumn breeze, color-changing leaves, and pumpkins and gourds abound. Seasonal changes aside, October also features one of my favorite holidays — the wonderfully pagan All Hallow’s Eve. So I’m very excited to see what everyone cooks up this month. And what will we be doing? I guess you’ll just have to wait and see! ;) (But it’ll probably be something festive…)


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