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One of our favorite Sunday morning routines is to head over to the Mar Vista Farmer’s Market (some weekends we’ll even walk!) and enjoy a leisurely brunch at a local neighborhood hot spot – La Petite Crêperie. A quaint hole-in-the-wall, La Petite Crêperie is decked out in old French country-style wooden decor with cute dish towels for napkins and adorable mini Le Creuset type dutch ovens that have been purposed as sugar bowls. The all-French staff are quick to bid “Bonjour!” and show us to a cozy corner table.

La Petite Creperie - Champignons, Fromage Galette

La Petite Creperie – Champignons & Fromage Galette

First things first, Martin and I both love having iced coffee at brunch. They do not have chilled coffee here but if you ask nicely, they will be happy to fix up a strong Americano and serve that over ice along with milk in a cute little ceramic creamer.

Iced Americano

Iced Americano

If winter is coming, La Petite Crêperie offers an excellent organic French pressed coffee, served in huge Bodum (?) glass coffee presses. The smallest, supposedly a 2-cup, was plenty for us to share. One advantage of going with hot coffee is the ease of which the sugar cubes melt (we had to stir for quite a bit to get them to dissolve into the iced coffee!). Plus it’s just fun to push down on the plunger.

French pressed coffee

French pressed coffee

Since we are dining at a place that is literally named “the little crêpe restaurant,” we, of course, had to order a crêpe or two. I love savory crêpes, listed on the menu under Les Galettes, and selected the champignons and fromage –  a medley of portabello and oyster mushrooms sauteed in butter along with garlic and shallots and served in a buckwheat crêpe layered with melted gruyère. SO GOOD. The gruyere paired perfectly with the earthy mushrooms which, though rich and buttery, were not greasy at all. The savory crêpes are served with a mixed greens salad tossed in a bright and tangy sherry vinaigrette and garnished with cute fresh cherry tomatoes (possibly sourced from the farmer’s market going on just outside!).

Crêpe Champignons & Fromage

Crêpe Champignons & Fromage

Martin is less a fan of savory crêpes (he’s more of a Nutella guy, but more on that later) but his brunch selection is another French favorite – the croque madame. Essentially a ham and cheese sandwich, the croque monsieur (jambon de Paris, gruyère, and béchamel served open-faced on toasted bread) becomes a croque madame with the addition of a fried sunny-side-up egg. It’s hearty and comforting and just the right breakfast to keep you going until dinnertime.

Croque Madame

Croque Madame

If we go the savory route, we are usually too full for dessert. With this in mind, we will sometimes decide to come here for a sweet breakfast of Nutella crêpes and coffee. Nutella and banane (sliced bananas) for Martin, Nutella and fraises (strawberries) pour moi. Each of the sweet crêpes are served with an artsy swoosh of Nutella, a sprinkling of chopped hazelnuts, and a dusting of powdered sugar. Thin, just a bit chewy, crispy on the edges without burning, and with generous helpings of fruit and nutella, this dessert-for-breakfast really hits the spot.

Nutella Crepe

Nutella Crepe

For the iconic Westside experience (at least, it is in my opinion), stop by La Petite Crêperie for its charming atmosphere, delicious crêpes, and reinvigorating hot or iced coffee. Plan to stay for a while (things run at a leisurely pace here) and wander out to the farmer’s market afterward for some fresh local produce and treats. It’s a great way to start the day before going back to Sunday errands (or continuing the weekend goodness by heading down to the beach just 2 miles away!). C’est la belle vie~!


Check out La Petite Crêperie:

3809 Grand View Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90066

See their Yelp reviews here!


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