Island Creek Oyster Bar – Boston, MA

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View from the bar.

View from the bar.

We love raw oysters on the half shell. In LA, we typically have oysters from British Columbia, Washington state, even locally in Northern and Central California. We were especially excited to try some East Coast oysters and what better place to go than Island Creek Oyster Bar? During this quick stop we tried 6 varieties – 5 farm and 1 wild. This swanky oyster bar served its own Island Creek variety of oysters, farmed just south of Boston at Duxbury Bay along with several other New England varieties and other areas.

Can you spot the wild variety?

Can you spot the wild variety?

Starting from the right of the lemon: Island Creek (Duxbury, MA), Rocky Nook (Kingston, MA), Ichabod Flat (Plymouth, MA), Big Rock (E Dennis, MA), WellFleet (WellFleet, MA), Wild Belon (Harpswell, ME).

The Island Creek variety was definitely the creamiest and sweetest of the 6. As we went around the tray clockwise, each variety was more briny and became increasingly more complex than the last. The Wild Belon was a slap in the face, standing completely out from the rest with its powerful mineral notes throughout. Luckily we finished with the Wild Belon which blew out our taste buds for the next 15 minutes. It’s quite the experience but not for the faint of oyster.

The Menu

The Raw Bar Menu

We enjoyed or brief hour or so at Island Creek Oyster Bar and could see ourselves frequenting this gem more often if we were Bostonians. If you’re dropping by Boston for a weekend or two, consider stopping by Island Creek Oyster Bar and try some of their local catches – you won’t be disappointed.


Check out Island Creek Oyster Bar:

500 Commonwealth Ave
Boston, MA 02215

See their Yelp reviews here!

4 thoughts on “Island Creek Oyster Bar – Boston, MA

  1. Yum. Did you just eat raw ones? I prefer raw, but cooked are also good and The Koala prefers cooked oysters.

    $2.50US seems reasonable, do they drop the price if you order more? I avoid ordering raw oysters when I go out because they cost $5NZ a pop and I can’t justify it. If I buy shucked Pacific oysters wholesale or from fish markets, they can be $1 each. I had a great supplier for many years who sold 5 dozen shucked oysters for $50NZ. Was an easy option to bring to summer BBQ Christmas feasts. Simple and impressive.

    1. WOW. $5NZ?? They do not discount for ordering more, but $2.50USD is about average. Sometimes there are $1.00US oysters for happy hour, and some higher end places charge about $15-20 for a half-dozen.

      Wholesale oysters are awesome! We learned how to shuck our own for just that reason – they’re even cheaper when you get them whole!

      I’m not a huge fan of cooked oysters only because in the US, many places do it “casino” style (baked with cheese and other fixins as if it were a potato!). I do appreciate a nice simple grilled oyster though ;) How does The Koala like them?

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