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Ever since we moved out of Palms and into the Mar Vista area, we have been spending less time on Venice Boulevard and more time on Washington Boulevard. One day, a few months ago, a quaint little bakery caught our eye. A very small storefront with a modern look, hardly more than a display case of pastries followed by a cash register. We made a mental note to look up Copenhagen Pastry… and boy, were we impressed! Few places on Yelp manage to maintain a solid 5-star rating over 150+ reviews, so Martin and I knew we just had to check out this adorable little bakery that had recently opened so close to home.

Photo courtesy of Copenhagen Pastry

Photo courtesy of Copenhagen Pastry

We were welcomed by the women behind the counter as soon as we walked in and they kindly offered us samples of their two most popular must-try pastries: the Copenhagen (a flaky pastry topped with vanilla custard and chocolate – no nuts!) and the Kringle (a similarly flaky pastry but topped with an almond paste & custard blend). On our first visit, we ended up taking home a Kringle, a Chocolate Pastry, and a Cinnamon Pastry… all for just over $5 (which is perfect since we needed to meet the $5 credit card minimum). We have since purchased the “party kringle” on multiple occasions, which, for just $10, feeds 6-8 people.

Cinnamon Pastry, Chocolate Pastry, Kringle

Cinnamon Pastry, Chocolate Pastry, Kringle

The Copenhagen is a teeny bit on the sweet side for me, but I love the smooth texture of the custard. The Kringle stole my heart at first bite with its garnish of toasted almond slices and crystals of granulated sugar shielding a silky and creamy almond filling underneath. The Cinnamon Pastry (which has no nuts or dairy) resembles a cinnamon roll in appearance with its dollop of white frosting in the center, but it is flaky and crunchy like a cinnamon twist. Another favorite is the Chocolate Pastry — an adorably round ball of puff pastry topped simply with a round dollop of chocolate ganache. The puff pastry is so incredibly flaky that I could hear the layers crackling as I remove it from its paper bag. While all of the pastries are excellent in flavor, I have to say the Chocolate Pastry is the most satisfying to sink my teeth into! The ganache is dark and velvety but not in the least bit grainy or bitter. Perfection!

Kringle, Raspberry Pastry, Copenhagen

Kringle, Raspberry Pastry, Copenhagen

Martin has worked Copenhagen Pastry into his morning routine, relentlessly making me jealous with his picture texts of his beautiful flaky breakfast. They are open from 7AM to 5PM on weekdays (closed on Mondays) and 8AM to 4PM on the weekends, and they are definitely worth squeezing into your busy schedule. I’m already looking forward to my next visit – and to working my way through the beautiful display of pastries.

Welcome to the neighborhood, Copenhagen Pastry!


PS: Check out this awesome mini-documentary about Copenhagen Pastry: As if the pastries themselves were not enough reason to plan a visit to Copenhagen Pastry, hearing how passionate owner Karen Hansen and head baker Henrik Gram are about high-quality, authentic, nostalgic Danish pastries made with love definitely seals the deal.


Check out Copenhagen Pastry:

11113 Washington Blvd
Culver City, CA 90232

See their Yelp reviews here!

3 thoughts on “Copenhagen Pastry – Culver City, CA

  1. I can haz paystreez?

    Passing a specialty bakery on my way to work would be very dangerous indeed. I think I would work my way through the menu quite quickly. I don’t think we have any Danish bakeries here in New Zealand but we have lots of French bakeries which offer similar treats.

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