Bacon Roses [Valentine’s Day 2013]

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You may have seen this photo floating around on the internet… on our Facebook page, on our Twitter feed, my personal FB page, perhaps even by text message. In fact, so many people stopped by my desk to snap a photo that you can probably find it on Instagram, Pinterest, and more. Who knows, maybe it’ll go viral tomorrow! Yes, my friends, for Valentine’s Day, Martin made and surprised me at work with a bouquet of bacon roses. BACON ROSES. zOMG. Best boyfriend ever! Both my inner foodie and my inner geek squealed with joy.

Bacon Roses!!

Bacon Roses!!

Once merely a thing of legend, I had heard of the many crafty things one can do with bacon, but here it was, a bouquet of bacon roses sitting on my desk, the aroma of breakfast wafting through the air. Men and women alike were envious of Martin’s creativity… and of the bacon. (At Martin’s advice, I did not actually eat the bacon… though it did tempt me for a good seven hours.)

On each Valentine’s Day that Martin and I have celebrated together, Martin has made it a point to surprise me at work with a flower delivery. In 2011, he presented me with a dozen beautiful red roses. I was on the phone with a client at the time and he told me later that I sounded especially eager to hang up.



Last year (2012), he stopped by and proudly held out a stunning bouquet of a dozen long-stemmed red roses. I was glad that I remembered to ask him to pause for a picture so I could really capture the moment.



In retrospect, I probably should have foreseen that something like handmade bacon roses would be on their way, since he is always looking to outdo himself. They certainly were memorable; I’ll never forget that 2013 was the year of the bacon roses. What a pleasant and thoughtful and oh so amusing surprise!

[He would not tell me any details other than the fact that he baked the bacon strips to keep them pliable enough to roll into rosettes, and that he went to our local Dollar Tree to get fake flowers for their stems and plastic baby’s breath. For a how-to, try shooting him an email and see what insider info you can squeeze out of him!]

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