C is for Charcuterie – Waterloo & City, Culver City

Food Adventures, Los Angeles

Date night – charcuterie at Waterloo & City, our favorite local gastropub! So what is charcuterie? Well the first thing I did was look up how to pronounce this fancy French word before I went to the restaurant and made a fool of myself (although Martin was quick to point out that I pronounced basil the American way (BAY-sil), thus losing the punny rhyme in the name of my drink – the BAH-sil DAZzle). But I digress. shar-KU-te-ree is all about meats. Cured meats, pates, terrines, sausages… I prefer the salty, smoky flavors while Martin is partial to the buttery richness of a good liver pate. Sharing the “prince” charcuterie platter made for a super filling dinner between the two of us.

We almost went for the “king” platter, which features all of the many, many varieties of terrines and pates Waterloo has to offer, but the prince was more than enough for us! It arrived like royalty on a beautiful wood plank. We selected three: the duck & walnut, rabbit & pistachio, and pork & truffle. The prince also comes with the chicken liver mousse and a small pile of cured meats. We couldn’t wait to dig in!

Prince Charcuterie – selection of 4 pates/terrines/mousses

The prosciutto was my favorite of the cured meats – it was deliciously salty and fatty. It also reminded me that I would love to one day try iberico ham in Spain. They’re so big on charcuterie, they take iberico ham breaks in the middle of the afternoon rather than coffee breaks!

Cured meats – the prosciutto was awesome

I was apprehensive about trying one of Thumper’s brethren, but this terrine was not as gamey as I expected. The pistachio flavor went really well with the rabbit.

Rabbit and pistachio terrine

This chicken liver mousse was too buttery and rich for my taste, but Martin’s eyes lit up as he slathered the pate on the toast slices.

Chicken liver mousse

The duck and walnut terrine was one of my favorites; even though I’m mildly allergic to walnuts, I took a chance on this terrine and was very pleasantly pleased! It went really well with the chutney.

Duck and walnut terrine

The most amazing part was the cute little mason jar filled with pork and truffle goodness. We were confused by the clear layer on top, but a quick consult with the menu reminded us that it was a madeira jelly. Yum! It was meaty and creamy without being too rich.

Pork and truffle pate

After such an indulgent dinner, we still had to make room for what may be our favorite dessert in Los Angeles: Waterloo’s bourbon glazed doughnuts! The little balls of dough are fried fresh to order, perfectly crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. The glaze is just sweet enough to stand on its own, but definitely try the raspberry jam or housemade custard that accompany them for some interesting flavor profiles.

Sinfully delicious bourbon glazed doughnuts

Nothing like enjoying a summer date night out on the patio with good food, good company, and excellent service.


Check out Waterloo & City: www.waterlooandcity.com

12517 West Washington Blvd.
Culver City, CA 90066

See their Yelp reviews here.

Follow them on Twitter @WaterlooandCity!

There is onsite valet parking for a few dollars but generally plenty of free street parking as well. Happy Hour is from 5-7pm but we prefer dining out on the patio for dinner.

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